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the industrial centrifugal air classifier Activator
Compressive Strength test results of cement,
which is milled by the complex Activator 500

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Fluidized bed dryer Activator SS

Fluidized bed dryer Activator SS developed for intensive drying of dispersed materials with particle sizes from 0.1 to 10 mm: ascending the flow of heated air passes through the layer of dispersed material in a fluidized state. Activator SS is intended drying of chalk, clay, gypsum, sand, alumina, pigments, limestone, ceramics, fertilizers, all powdered and granular materials.

Fluidized bed dryer Activator SS 10 Activator SS 1
Output capacity (dry material) 10 tons/h 1 ton/h
Material moisture (input/output) 25% / 0,5% 25% / 0,5%
The drying temperature 100 to 400 °C 100 to 400 °C
The material fineness 0,2 to 10 mm 0,2 to 10 mm
Heat output 1200 to 2500 kW 120 to 250 kW
Fuel gas, diesel,CWS, fuel oil gas, diesel,CWS, fuel oil
Fuel consumption (for natural gas) 250 cubic metre 25 cubic metre
Dimensions of dryer:
width*length*height 171092002400 mm 60025001800 mm
Mass 10 tons 1 ton
Low, controlled temperature of the material during drying.
Control of holding time in the drying zone.
Small dimension, industry performance (1 to 10 t / h).
Intensive moisture removal up to 2 tons of moisture from the 1 m^2 grate.
Removing dust from dried product during drying.
Using any type of fuel (gas, oil, diesel, coal).
Electronic control and monitoring of the drying process.
Drying and cooling processes combinates in one apparatus.
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