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Designed, constructed and put into operation
the industrial centrifugal air classifier «Activator»
Compressive Strength test results of cement,
which is milled by the complex «Activator С500»

Laboratory equipment

Planetary ball mill "Activator -4M"

Results from grinding of materials
to mill in "Activator - 4M"
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Application of laboratory mill "Activator -4M"

Laboratory planetary ball mill "Activator -4M" is intended for the production of small batches of powder materials,
conduct mechanochemical reactions and activation of materials.

-  Centrifugal acceleration of balls is up to 150 G

-  Impact- and shift grinding mode is.

-  Continuous operation time is to several hours.
-  Computer control (USB) is.
-  Productivity is to 1,5 tons per month.
The jars 4 of 1000 ml
Ball charge 600 - 1400 g
Material charge 50 - 400 g
Rotational speed of the planetary disc 100 - 800 rpm
Rotational speed of jars 150 - 1200 rpm
Power 18 kW·h
Dimensions of mill, mm:
length*width*height 695*940*1150
Mass of mill 390 kg

Standard delivery set of laboratory mill "Activator -4M"


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