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Laboratory equipment

Hydrodynamic mill-cavitator «Activator -Gd»

Photos mill-cavitator «Activator -Gd»

The operational principle of the hydrodynamic mill-cavitator «Activator -Gd» is based
on the optimal organization of the set breaks the continuity of the flow of processed 
liquid (the effect of acoustic cavitation).
discrete mode - 16 l/h,
flowing mode  - 60 l/h,
discrete- and flowing mode - 30 l/h.
Volume of the chamber 7 l
Volume of processed liquid 1,5 - 3 l
Rotor speed 3000 rpm
Power 4 kW
Dimensions of mill, mm:
length*width*height 700*300*500
Mass of mill 60 kg
Hydrodynamic mill-cavitator «Activator -Gd» used to process liquids, preparation of 
dispersion, emulsion, accelerating mass  transfer  processes  solid/liquid  (extraction,  
dissolution), for preparation of mixtures of powders and liquids (paste, dispersion, emulsion).
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