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Laboratory equipment

Planetary ball mill «Activator - 4L»

Planetary ball mill «Activator - 4L» belongs to the industrial class equipment.
«Activator - 4L» has 4 jars of 2 liters, which allows to process up to 8000 g of powder in one grinding. 
The increased volume of jars gives an advantage in front of the «Activator - 4M» mill. In it, you can 
also carry out mechanochemical reactions and activation of small samples of materials.
-  Centrifugal acceleration  up to 80 G.

-  Weight of the loaded jar (jar, cover,
   balls, material) only 10,0 kg.
-  Impact- and shift grinding mode is.

-  Continuous operation time is to several hours.
-  Computer control (USB) is.
-  Productivity is to 3 tons per month.
The jars 4 of 2000 ml
Ball charge 1600 - 3200 g
Material charge 600 - 2000 g
Rotational speed of the planetary disc 100 - 600 rpm
Rotational speed of jars 100 - 1230 rpm
Power 37 kW·h
Dimensions of mill, mm:
length*width*height 986*642*1162
Mass of mill 570 kg
Planetary  ball  mill  «Activator - 4L» retains  all  the  advantages  of  other  planetary  mills  «Activator». 
In the mill  «Activator - 4L»,  powders can produce  with a particle size up to several nanometers.    
With  a  high-intensity   treatment,  it  can  pass  mechanochemical   reaction,  SPS synthesis  and 
mechanical   alloying.
Processing  of  materials  in mill  (so-called  activation of the material) can further decrease the reaction 
temperature  and  increase  the  depth  of  the  passage. 
Corundum  and  hard alloy  jars  will help avoid rubbing of iron if its presence interferes with further work 
with  the  material.
Temperature  control and cooling  water  will prevent overheating of jars when it is undesirable for any  
reason.  Water  cooling  will  provide  continuous  operation  mill  as you  need.

Standard delivery set of laboratory mill


Results from grinding of materials to mill in
«Activator - 4L»

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