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Industrial equipment

Equipment for the clay preparation

Clay Ripper «Activator GR12»

Clay ripper is intended for preliminary break-down of the primary lumps of clay up to 1000 mm and crushing them up to 100-150 mm. It is installed at the beginning of the line for processing of clay over a wide band transporter. Complex - Clay Ripper + transporter - is supplied with frequency inverters for speed control beaters and production of clay ripper.

Output capacity 12-15 tons/h
Max. feed size 800-1000 mm
Final fineness 100-150 mm
Inlet dimensions: (W xD) 1150*1300 mm
Power 18 kW
Ripper dimensions: (W xD x H) 2850*1050*850 mm
Mass 2,3 tons

Crushing Gear Rollers «Activator VDÇ12»

Gear rollers are used for medium crushing pieces clay 100 -150 mm up to 40-60 mm and homogenization of the ceramic mass and averaging of the composition. In line with clay preparation, gear rollers are set clay ripper after and before stone eliminative rollers. Rollers are supplied with frequency inverter for soft start and regulation of roller productivity .

Output capacity 12-15 tons/h
Max. feed size 100-150 mm
Final fineness 40-60 mm
Inlet dimensions: (W xD)
Power 18 kW
Roller dimensions: (W xD x H) 3000*1300*1100 mm
Mass 2,1 tons

Rollers Stone Eliminative «Activator KV12»

Stone eliminative rollers are for isolating from not plastic inclusion rocks (stones) of clay (or ceramic material) and produce an additional loosening (shredding) the plastic component to the particle size of 10-20 mm. They are installed in-line the clay preparation after the gear rollers and are completed frequency inverter.

Output capacity 12-15 tons/h
Max. feed size 40-60 mm
Final fineness 10-20 mm
Inlet dimensions: (W xD) 550*470 mm
Power 22 kW
Roller dimensions: (W xD x H) 3000*1300*1100 mm
Mass 1,8 tons

Clay Granulator «Activator Gg12»

Clay Granulator is intended for making of homogenized and loosened clay granules (ceramic mass of any plastic material) for the subsequent drying or firing. It can be completed by spinnerets with different diameters holes, frequency inverter and the cutting device of the granules.

Output capacity 12-15 tons/h
Max. feed size 10-20 mm
Final fineness 5*5-10 mm
Inlet dimensions: (W xD) 600*350 mm
Power 11 kW
Granulator dimensions: (W xD x H) 1600*1050*800 mm
Mass 0,8 tons
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