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Compressive Strength test results of cement, which is milled by the complex Activator 500.

Portland Cement Compressive Strength Specifications in MPa and mesh analisys.

CementCement inputCement stored in 24 hoursCement stored at 2 weeksGrowth of cement strength after grindingCement strength loss after stored for 2 weeksMesh analisys of milling cement
Compressive strength at 4 weeks, Mpa
1Cement CEM II 32,5N41,254,953,035%3%4%>80μ; 96%<80μ
2Cement CEM I 42,5N stored for 1,5 years.40,259,858,850%2%7%>80μ; 93%<80μ
3Clinker, Iskitim-cement factory-47,147,1-0%8%>80μ; 92%<80μ
4Cement blend (1): CEM I 42,5N + fly ash 50% : 50%-41,235,3-10%8%>80μ; 92%<80μ
5Cement blend (2): CEM I 42,5N + ground granulated slag 50% : 50%-35,334,3-2%11%>80μ; 89%<80μ
6Cement blend (3): CEM I 42,5N + ground granulated slag precursory milling 50% : 50%-49,049,0-0%3%>80μ; 97%<80μ
Compressive Strength Specifications of Cements is measured on GOST of Russia 310.4-81.
The table shows the results of the activation of cement - cement 1 and 2. Compressive Strength of PC CEM II 32,5N (cement 1 in table) before milling was 41,2 Mpa. After activation (milling) compressive strength of the PC is already 54,9 Mpa. Thus, the increase in strength at milling is 35%.
PC CEM I 42,5N (cement 2 in table) has lost compressive strength when stored for 1,5 years, which was 40,2 Mpa. After milling (activation) the compressive strength of the cement is already reached 59,8 Mpa. Thus, the increase in strength at milling is 50%.
Also, the table shows the results of co-milling of cement mixtures, consisting of cement in Table 3 with fly ash (a mixture of cement 1) and with ground granulated slag (cement mixture of 2 and 3).
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