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Designed, constructed and put into operation
the industrial centrifugal air classifier Activator
Compressive Strength test results of cement,
which is milled by the complex Activator 500

Industrial equipment

Milling classificatory complex "Activator"

Milling classificatory complex "Activator PK" is designed to grind various materials to the required fineness followed by separation 
of the different fractions. The coarse fraction can be returned for re-grinding in a mill. 
The milling classificatory complex consists of a centrifugal-elliptical mill "Activator", feeder-proportioner, classifying unit Activator K,
a cyclone block, bag filter, control console and auxiliary equipment. 
Feeder supplies components of mixtures in the required proportions. Material is fed into the mill. Milled material is discharged from the mill and is conveyed 
to the classifying unit  and further into cyclone block and bag filter. Electronics  sets regime of the mills, the feeders, and controls the parameters for motor
during operation, soft start and stop equipment in the course of milling, classification and unloading.
   Milling classificatory complex "Activator PK" is intended for 
   industrial production of separating fractions:
   of silica sand 
   of zircon 
   of broken glass
   of fillers for paintwork materials
   of fillers for road construction materials
   of riddlings
Milling classificatory complex "Activator" APK 100 APK 500 APK 1000 APK 5000
Output capacity, kg/h 60-100 400-500 800-1200 5000
Size of the boundary separating, μm 1-10 5-20 10-50 40-70
Power, kW 11 22 45 130

Schematic view of milling
classificatory complex Activator

Milling classificatory complex ActivatorMilling classificatory complex Activator
Schematic view of milling classificatory complex Activator.
       The main advantage of milling classificatory complex Activator is:
     fine grinding of materials to 1-20 μm    

     classification of fine (1- 20 μm) powder fraction 
at industrial capacity
     low power consumption of the complex
     compact layout in the production area
To set the technical parameters of milling and classification we strongly recommend you to invite company experts.
Activator, 2015.