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Designed, constructed and put into operation
the industrial centrifugal air classifier «Activator»
Compressive Strength test results of cement,
which is milled by the complex «Activator С500»

Fine grinding industrial mills

Milling complex "Activator"

Milling complexs "Activator" (C100, C500, C1000, C5000) designed for industrial production of finely ground product of 60 kg/h to 5000 kg/h.
The complex consists of a centrifugal-elliptical mill "Activator", feeder-proportioner and power electronics (inverters). 
Feeder supplies components of mixtures in the required proportions. Electronics  sets regime of the mills, the feeders, and controls the parameters 
for motor during operation, soft start and stop equipment in the course of milling and unloading.
   Milling complexs "Activator" is intended for
   industrial production:
   of cement
   of composite cement 
   of blastfurnace slag
   of dry mixes
   of fillers for road construction materials
 of quartz sand

 of water-coal fuel
 of riddlings

 of broken glass

 of fillers for paintwork materials
Complex "Activator" С100 С500 С1000 С5000
Output capacity, kg/h 60-100 400-500 800-1200 5000
Final fineness, μm 1-3 4-7 20-50 50-70
Power, kW 5 11 37 75
Complex dimensions, mm: (W xD x H)
Mass, kg 400 890 1400 4500
       The final fineness of milling complex
        "Activator" depends on:

      milling complex productivity
         (the lower productivity of mill 
          the finer the final product)

     technical milling data 
        (feed rate of material, the speed tubes
        of mill, ball charge, diameter and 
         amount of balls)*.
 size of the initial material, its brittleness,
     its grindability, material flow while passing
     through the mill tubes.
* To set the technical parameters of milling we strongly recommend you to invite company experts.
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